Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Can I use an iPod during the race?
Yes, iPods are allowed on the course but we do ask that if you are using one  that you keep the volume at a level where you can hear instructions from volunteers and police.  Additionally, the streets are open to traffic.

2.  I’ve already registered by will not be able to participate, can I get a refund or defer until next year?
Unfortunately we are not able to process refunds.  You can defer until next year but deferring only secures a place for you in the race, it does not include the registration fee.  If you choose to defer, you will still have to pay for registration next year.  Additionally, we are unable to transfer your registration to another event.

3.  Will there be water/refueling stations along the course?
Yes, there will be water and gatorade along the course.  They will be placed approximately every 2 miles.  Additionally there will be a gel station at Mile 16.

4.  Will there be porta potties along the course?
Yes, there will be porta potties located throughout the course.

5.  Is there a time limit for the marathon?
Yes, the course will be open for 6 hours.  All participants need to be able to finish the course by 2:00 pm.  If you feel you will need more than 6 hours, please register for the early start.

6.  Can my dog run with me?
No, unfortunately we can not allow dogs to run alongside participants of either the marathon or marathon relay unless it is a service animal.  If you are participating and require the use of a service animal we will need to know this when you register.

7.  Can I participate in either event with a running stroller?
Unfortunately running strollers are not allowed in either event.

8.  I have family members that would like to come watch the start – how can they do that since the shuttle busses are for runners only?
Your family members and friends are welcome to drive themselves to watch the start.

9.  Where is a good place along the course for my family and friends to watch the race from?
Have family and friends that want to watch you along the course???  There are plenty of spectating options available from start to finish. There are some areas of the course that will be closed to vehicles so we ask that all spectators follow the directions provided for the relay vehicles on the relay tab while in the State Forest then follow the directions for #3 and #4 below.

Great places to watch from:
1.  Transition 1 (see map on relay page).  Your supporters can see you twice from this location – once at the 4+ mile mark and again just shy of mile 10.  All cars must arrive at this location no later than 8:15 am or you will have to park at the intersection of Upper College Pond and Halfway Pond Roads and walk the 1/2 mile up to the transition area.
2.  From there they can drive straight out of the State Forest and catch you at Mile 16 along Alden Road just before you head out onto the public roads.
3.  While the runners take a right out of the State Forest to go South on Long Pond Road, spectators can take a left.  Drive approximately 3/4 of a mile and take a right onto Jordan Road.  Follow Jordan Road to the intersection of Sandwich and Clifford Roads where they can see you again as you’re passing around the Mile 22 mark.  Please be careful parking in this area as there is a lot of private property.  If it is too crowded here and you can’t find a place to park, continue on Sandwich Road to Bramhalls Corner and you can watch from there.
4.  You will take a right onto Clifford but your spectators can continue on Sandwich Road.  Go past the police officer directing runners left onto Obery Street up to the traffic light.  Turn left at the light and left onto Nook Road.  Follow Nook Road approximately 1/2 mile to the baseball field parking on the right side of the road and walk up to the finish.